About the name AFlirtYourself

The name AFlirtYourself comes from the phrase ‘Assert Yourself ‘.  But instead of Assert I added an element of flirting and called it AFlirtYourself.  I know it is kind of long and kind of cryptic, but I came up with it in a hurry when I wanted to try out this new site called Twitter. The first two or three names I thought up were taken.  When AFlirtYourself got accepted, I went with it.

At that time I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted AFlirtYourself to be, except I hoped I could do something to encourage fostering relationships in the real world. Most people I tweeted with had one or two hundred followers. I thought if I worked hard and delivered quality tweets, I could maybe get as many as five hundred followers. Given enough time and work, who knows.  Maybe even a thousand followers could be possible.

At last count, @AFlirtYourself had over 34,000 followers.  I never cease to be amazed and honored at that.  And, of course, the responsibility not to waste their time weighs heavy on me.

It has been a lot of work (you wouldn’t believe just how much work it has been), but it has also been fun and gratifying.

AFlirtYourself.  It may be a strange, cryptic name, but I’m keeping it.


About AFlirt Yourself

A blog to encourage, tutor and motivate readers in the fun and healthy art of flirting in the real world. If you enjoy this blog, you would probably also enjoy following the @AFlirtYourself Twitter account.

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  1. “AFlirtYourself. It may be a strange, cryptic name, but I’m keeping it.” – Glad you did. It got me interested enough to check your Twitter page and now this blog 😀

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