I finally gave in and created a blog

There have been so many of my wonderful Twitter followers asking me to start a blog that I just couldn’t procrastinate any more.  Welcome to the official AFlirtYourself blog.

If you got here some way other than following a Twitter link, it may seem a bit strange to you so let me explain.  AFlirtYourself, or more correctly, @AFlirtYourself, is a Twitter account that tries to encourage wholesome flirting in the real world.

@AFlirtYourself sends out motivational quotes, flirting tips, flirting examples, challenges and the two weekly flirting awards #TheFlirtsLady and #WhosOnFlirts.

It is a lot of fun to send out tweets about flirting.  I hope it is fun to read them as well.  The feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive.

I do it only for the fun.  @AFlirtYourself  is not a front for selling stuff.  I have no other motive than that of encouraging people to take responsibility for bringing new friends into their lives.

Thanks for visiting here.  I hope you enjoyed it and plan to come back from time to time.  I’ll try to keep it fun and relevant.


About AFlirt Yourself

A blog to encourage, tutor and motivate readers in the fun and healthy art of flirting in the real world. If you enjoy this blog, you would probably also enjoy following the @AFlirtYourself Twitter account.

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  1. I think creating this blog was a good move. Been following you on twitter for like 2 years but this should take it to the next level. I’m hopeful.

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