@AFlirtYourself’s Definition of ‘Flirt’

The word Flirt has a lot of definitions and connotations.  Not all of them describe the type of wholesome, real world interaction I encourage here in this blog and on Twitter.

For example, some people think flirting means not serious.  “I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just flirting.”  I reject that notion of flirting.  Like all human interactions, flirting deals with people’s hopes, values, dreams and feelings of self worth and self esteem.  These must always be taken seriously. My type of flirting involves a real effort to make a meaningful connection to someone.

Another notion of flirting would have it akin to ‘seducing’.  This dark side of flirting has objectives that are purely physical.  Its methods generally involve deceit, objectification and manipulation.  This is the exact opposite of what I encourage.

The type of flirting I blog and tweet about has these characteristics:

Honest  Flirting is human interaction and should therefore be based on honesty.

Fun  There is not doubt about it, flirting is fun.  And, of course, it must be fun for both parties.  If you get even a hint that it is not fun for the other person, move on.

Hopeful  Besides being fun in the moment, flirting holds a promise, or at least a possibility, of an even more meaningful relationship in the future.  That delightful “this might be the one” feeling is both mysterious and exhilarating.  In a lot of ways, it is what flirting is all about.

Mind-to-Mind  This is another way of saying ‘not just physical’.  A flirt is not a hunter in search of his or her next conquest.

Although many of @AFlirtYourself’s tweets and blog posts could be used, or perhaps misused, for the wrong type of flirting, they are intended only for the wholesome side of flirting.


About AFlirt Yourself

A blog to encourage, tutor and motivate readers in the fun and healthy art of flirting in the real world. If you enjoy this blog, you would probably also enjoy following the @AFlirtYourself Twitter account.

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  1. Found your blog on a retweet in Twitter. I fight with Rejection often, and from the time I read the first post here I decided I had to follow this blog. So I’m gonna be reading everything you write from now on, and going to have FUN!

    ….. like when I saw a friend’s Blackberry status about wanting Santa to spank her for Xmas, and I tried to negotiate around her request that I have flying reindeer *grin* (u know where I can find flying reindeer? She’s sexy! LOL)

    Anyhow – great posts… I will follow you on Twitter as well 🙂 My tweets are protected only because my account got hacked in the past, but I will accept your request to follow if you decide to follow back!


  2. Thank you for your comments and for the offer to let me follow you. I definitely will. Look for my follow request.

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